How Often Should You Post Content for Your Business?

When you’re operating a business, it may be hard to see the need to write regular blog and social media posts. After all, if your audience knows about the products and services you’re offering through your website, then that should be enough to tempt them, right? Well, yes and no. It’s not just about getting the consumer interested in what you have to offer; ultimately, it’s about closing the sale. Generating fresh, new content is becoming an effective way to increase sales and scale your company’s growth.

Frequency and Consistency

Two avenues for posting content are through blog posts and social media pages. Offering your audience free, high-quality educational content is something more and more businesses are incorporating into their overall marketing strategy.  But how often should you be posting vibrant, engaging content? That depends on where you’re posting.

An article on HubSpot states: “The frequency of blog posts depends on what’s best for your company. Smaller businesses have found comfort and success posting 1 to 4 times a week, while larger companies can push out daily and, sometimes, multiple daily posts.”  For smaller to mid-size businesses, it is safe to assume you should be averaging around three or four new blog posts per week at the most. Of course, for larger businesses, much more content is expected of them.

What about social media?, you may be wondering. For social media platforms, typically one post per day, or no more than five posts per week for small to mid-sized businesses should suffice. And larger companies undoubtedly will be posting much more frequently to their social media pages. Social media is a little trickier to figure out and is different for every platform. But ultimately, you may need to try different strategies to see what drives the most engagement for your brand.

Now that we’ve discussed the consistency, as well as the frequency of posting content, let’s dive right into the reasons why posting consistently is necessary for your business’s growth!

Posting on a frequent, consistent basis is good for your business because

1) it leads to new customers,

2) it generates SEO traffic to your company website, and

3) it shows you’re committed to sharing your expertise with your audience.

Blog Posts and Social Media Posts
Produces New Customers

Posting content on a consistent and frequent basis increases your customer growth by attracting potential users with your engaging content. With every informative post your audience reads (if they like what they see), they become more connected to your brand to potentially close a sale!

Generates SEO Traffic

Blogging generates SEO traffic to your company website. Therefore, posting relevant, keyword-rich content frequently is a good idea. SEO stands for search engine optimization and simply refers to the “keywords” that direct potential and existing users to your site.

For example, the internet uses certain words and phrases, called keywords, to direct search engines to relevant websites. When a potential customer inputs certain words into a search engine to find what they’re looking for, the search engine pulls up article or content with those keywords in them.

That’s why it’s imperative to do keyword research to find out how to best optimize your content for SEO, so you can know what kinds of keywords to incorporate into your article or blog post.

Shows You Value Your Audience

Posting content frequently shows you’re committed to your customers and value them. Blogging or posting to social media on a regular basis drives engagement with your audience. It keeps them abreast of what’s going on in your business and of all the ways you are trying to improve their customer experience. Interestingly, one article quotes some noteworthy statistics when it comes to any business posting to their social media accounts: “Whichever social platform(s) you are using, adhere to the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your social posts consist of helpful tips, industry news, surveys, polls, entertaining information, and generally anything that is not sales. The other 20% can be dedicated to sales, promotions, rebates, featured products, etc.”

Regardless of the specific category of post, by offering your audience high-quality, educational content that showcases your expertise, they will appreciate that you value them enough to provide them with information at no charge.

On that note, it also would be easy to toot your own horn only about your company’s products and services. But people appreciate honesty above all else. Never forget that. That’s why it’s important to showcase other brands as well as your own throughout your content.

When you’re willing to let a customer go if you know they can find something better somewhere else, they’ll know your brand is the real deal and be more inclined to refer you, trust you, and stick with you for the long-haul.

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