Boost Your Brand Discoverability Through These 5 High Performing Tactics

Digital Marketing Campaign

In order to get results from a Digital Marketing Campaign, a company needs to take a strategic approach: identify a specific, attainable goal or outcome for a campaign, and assemble specific initiatives that will contribute to achieving that goal. When we take the strategic approach, we understand the investment (cost) of each tactic and thus, the total cost of the campaign.

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How to Define Your Target Market to Maximize ROI in Marketing

Target Market to Maximize ROI

Before you even attempt your dream startup, you first need to know who it is that you are marketing to. Defining your target market will determine the success of your marketing strategy, and you will see the fruits of a successful marketing campaign through your ROI (Return on Investment.) ROI is simply a metric used … Read more

What is Color Theory and Why Is It Important to Your Website?

What is Color Theory and Why Is It Important to Your Website

It’s no secret that looking at different colors causes you to feel an array of emotions. For instance, whether you realize it or not, your sub-conscious reacts differently to the color green than it does to blue. Green is refreshing and invigorating, while blue is tranquil and steadfast. There is a psychological explanation behind how our brains react to color. This explanation is embodied in the Color Theory of design.

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Key Differences between Customer Experience and Customer Service

Customer Experience

Customer service can be considered the attributes necessary to heighten and compliment the Customer Experience – which translates to the holistic customer journey as they navigate through every interaction with your company. From the customer’s first inquiry, through their engagement with your employees, brand, product or service – and even post-purchase support – that is … Read more

How Often Should You Post Content for Your Business?


When you’re operating a business, it may be hard to see the need to write regular blog and social media posts. After all, if your audience knows about the products and services you’re offering through your website, then that should be enough to tempt them, right? Well, yes and no. It’s not just about getting the consumer interested in what you have to offer; ultimately, it’s about closing the sale. Generating fresh, new content is becoming an effective way to increase sales and scale your company’s growth.

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Small Business Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

small business marketing trends

You may have wondered more than once about what’s trending in small business marketing this year. It can be tough trying to stay abreast of all the technological advancements happening when it comes to business. What are some goals that small business owners need to set in order to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape?

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