What is full stack integrated marketing and why do I need it?

Answer: With technology advancing at the speed of light, word of mouth marketing is no longer enough when it comes to amplifying your brand. Integrated, full stack marketing combines all the key components of digital marketing (social media, website, and app) into a holistic approach to amplify your voice through many avenues, and successfully reach potential and existing customers.

What is video marketing and why do I need it?

Answer: How many times do you watch a YouTube video to find out how to do something or to learn useful information? We're living in the age of "influencers"…increasing your visibility through video marketing amplifies your brand in a way no other digital platform can, and influences potential and existing customers to see what you have to offer.

How long have you offered marketing services?

While CONVRG launched in 2022, marketing services have been offered by our sister company, Aepiphanni, for the past 10 years

Does my business really need digital marketing?

Answer: Think about how connected we are with the world around us through technology. We're connected with each other through the internet like never before in human history. At the touch of a button, you can find the answers to virtually all of your questions. Through digital marketing, your website, app and social media presence increases your number of potential clients by hundredfold. So yes, your business absolutely needs digital marketing.

Can we hire you for specific needs, like social media management, copywriting or design services?

Yes. Our goal is to support the small business community in any way that we can. If you are in need of these services, we would be more than happy to accommodate.

Can you launch and produce podcasts/Vlogs?

Yes. We can work with you through the entire design and development of your own podcast/Vlog, handle production, publishing and promotion.

Just a few questions to get things started...