RDA Systems, Inc

RDA Systems is a family-owned software company that creates software for municipalities and school districts, with most of their clients residing in GA and VA. When CONVRG first met with RDA, they asked us to come in and standardize their marketing program. To accomplish this goal, we helped them roll out various events, such as newsletter and email marketing campaigns.

From the onset, CONVRG assisted RDA with their ZOHO CRM software implementation. We helped them import and clean up their existing customer data, to streamline their client information. As a result, RDA was able to track client communications efficiently, optimizing their customer service.

Additionally, we integrated their ZOHO CRM software with MailChimp. MailChimp is an email marketing automation tool that enables a business to send out multiple newsletters and marketing emails at once, streamlining the email process while saving the company time and money. By integrating the two, RDA could track which users received and opened their emails.

CONVRG continues to supply RDA with value-driven marketing content, along with engaging social media and blog posts. As a result, RDA has experienced an increase in their company website views and marketing sales and continues to experience customer growth.

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