Triple Crown Construction, LLC

Located in Frederick, MD, Triple Crown Construction is a construction firm with a focus on the hospitality industry. When we first met with Triple Crown, they did not have a strong marketing strategy or social media presence and requested that we do a complete business transformation for them.

To revamp their marketing strategy, we began by updating and enhancing their existing website in an effort to target potential clients and strengthen ties with existing ones. We set up social media accounts for them so they could engage with their customer base, regularly.

In addition to optimizing their website as part of their marketing strategy, CONVRG focused on messaging and branding to increase customer growth. We updated their existing marketing materials with clear messaging to attract more clients. We also encouraged them to participate in community events, such as Habitat for Humanity, and helped them launch a multi-approach marketing campaign to increase visibility.

Triple Crown Construction also requested that we launch an internal marketing campaign for them, to address their high staff turnover rate. To accomplish this goal, we supported them in developing a more hospitable and inspired work culture by implementing internal training and group sessions for employees. The topics of discussion for the group sessions included workplace communication and personality type assessments. As a result of the internal marketing campaign, Triple Crown experienced increased staff growth.

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