PITA Mediterranean Street Food

PITA Mediterranean Street Food is a franchise in the Atlanta, GA area with 30 individual units. CONVRG provided PITA with a full-service marketing team. One of the first things CONVRG created for PITA was a Brand ID Kit, which gave us clear criteria to work with as we helped the company build their brand. A brand ID kit includes a business’s brand standards such as font type, color scheme, and logo design.

We streamlined their marketing program in several ways, some of which include:

    • Social media posts
    • Paid advertising
    • An enhanced, optimized website
    • An in-application
    • Website copy
    • Marketing content

Additionally, CONVRG created a new design for the PITA brand. We helped them launch a customer discount program for military personnel and municipalities, as well as a customer loyalty program called “Partner with Pita.” To enhance their customer communications, we set up SMS marketing as well.

For each individual store, CONVRG created 10-15 pieces of original content/copy per week to get PITA off the ground and running. Between the website copy, marketing content, and creative concepts CONVRG delivered, PITA has experienced phenomenal growth as a CONVRG client.

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