Boost Your Brand Discoverability Through These 5 High Performing Tactics

In order to get results from a Digital Marketing Campaign, a company needs to take a strategic approach: identify a specific, attainable goal or outcome for a campaign, and assemble specific initiatives that will contribute to achieving that goal. When we take the strategic approach, we understand the investment (cost) of each tactic and thus, the total cost of the campaign.

At the same time, we understand what kind of return we should get by employing each of the tactics in a way that allows them to build on each other and produce results that are aligned with the goal. We don’t execute tactics (like social media) simply for the sake of it. These tactics are part of a larger strategy to drive business growth and boost discovery of our brand.

Five ways you can boost discovery of your brand through a digital marketing campaign are:

1) create engaging video content,

2) write engaging blog posts and invite guest authors to contribute,

3) write strategic email blasts and newsletter campaigns,

4) optimize content for SEO, and

5) develop your brand’s social media presence.

Create Video Content that Engages Your Audience

Producing compelling video content for your brand is the newest digital marketing strategy. But it really isn’t that new. We’ve just found good use for it in marketing. Videos are extremely relational. More so even than written content. A good video draws you in and holds your attention, allowing you to remember more of the material. With video, not only do we remember the content, but we also remember how it made us feel. And as humans, we associate memories with our emotions. If watching a video makes us feel happy, interested, or excited about a company, we’re going to investigate their brand further.

Write Engaging Blog Posts and Invite Guest Authors to Contribute

Having a great writer on your marketing team is invaluable to boosting discovery of your brand. You want someone who can engage your target audience and persuade them to invest in your product or service without actually asking them to buy it. Additionally, inviting writers outside your company to submit guest posts is another great way to get your brand discovered, especially if those guest writers already have a big following of their own. The writing road works both ways: copywriters who work for your company can post as guests on other websites to increase traffic to your site, thus giving your brand a little more attention.

Write Strategic Email Blasts and Newsletter Campaigns

Through strategic, results-driven emails and newsletter campaigns, you can reach more of your target viewers, thus boosting discovery of your company. Newsletters can be sent out as often as your digital marketing campaign deems necessary. The object here is to get as many clicks as possible. Certain email marketing tools can track how many times recipients open your emails plus how many viewers click the links inside your emails that take them to your website.

Optimize Content for SEO

Optimizing content for SEO is no longer optional. It’s a way of life on the world wide web, and the only way for your brand to get the attention it needs. One article recommends “focusing on keyword density, internal links, anchor text, and the URL slug.” Researching keywords and phrases, and incorporating them into your content, will boost the discovery of your company and scale business growth. And isn’t that the bottom line?

Develop Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

Everyone’s on social media these days – that means your company should be too. Reaching as much of your target audience as possible means you have to develop your social media presence. You may think it’s cheesy at first, but you won’t feel that way for long—especially when you see how much interaction with target users you achieve on social platforms. Consumers appreciate companies that are relatable, and more likely to become loyal users of their offerings.

It’s Time to Boost Your Brand

Nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. Getting your company noticed is no easy task. It requires hard work and determination through a comprehensive and strategic digital marketing campaign. Need help getting your business the attention it needs and deserves? We’ve gotcha covered. If you want to learn more about boosting the discovery of your brand through a strategic digital marketing campaign, click here to contact one of our experienced marketing team members.


Brittany Baugher is a Copywriter at CONVRG Integrated Marketing Solutions. CONVRG offers a strategic, results-driven full stack marketing solution so your business can thrive and get the most out of its digital presence.



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